Our Challenge

Our Open Invitation To All Competitors

Chaval gloves significantly outperform all other battery-heated ski gloves

Other heated ski glove brands require the user to select a low, medium or high heat setting. These brands have adopted a very similar advertising message to exaggerate the performance capabilities of their gloves, stating very generally that their gloves will provide up to 6, 10, even 20 hours of heat. But what they often do not state is that on the High setting, the heat lasts only 1 to 2 hours. So, on a reasonably cold day on the mountain, your heat will fade out long before lunch.

Check it out for yourself. Do an online search for "Heated Ski Glove", click on any brand or retail site link, read the obscure performance statement (such as "Comfortable warmth for up to 12 hours on a single charge"), then read the customer reviews expressing frustration after 2 hours of skiing.

Chaval gloves with our patented ALPHAHEAT™ technology will keep hands warm in freezing weather at least 2 times, and up to 3 times longer than any other brand, and it is the only heated glove effective in SUB-ZERO °F temperatures.

To prove our sincerity, we invite any other internal battery-heated glove brand to a side-by-side performance evaluation of their product and ours. This evaluation must be performed by a professional and neutral company, and conducted in genuinely cold weather (0 deg F or lower), the results of which will be distributed to media outlets and made openly available for public review on the Chaval website and/or Facebook page.