The Chaval Advantage

"All-Day" heat

Tired of running out of heat before lunch? Chaval gloves keep your hands toasty warm up to 3 times longer than any other brand. And they are the only heated gloves effective in sub-zero °F temperatures.

These gloves think, so you don't have to

Other brands require YOU to regulate the heat in your gloves, continuously, for as long as you have them on. Too hot? Turn it down. Too cold? Turn it up. Worried about running out of power? Turn it off. Chaval ALPHAHEAT™ technology thinks for you, automatically adjusting through infinite levels of heat to keep your hands perfectly warm. Just push the "on" button and enjoy your day thinking about nothing but the great outdoors.

No wires

Why do other heat technologies break so easily?  Because they are made with wires, wire mesh or wire fabric - and every tech company knows that if you keep bending and twisting wire, it breaks.  ALPHAHEAT™ technology is the only 'wireless' heat tech in existence.

Built-in glove drying technology

Our new, patent pending, ACTIVEDRY™ technology is built into our charging system and will simultaneously recharge and dry the interior of your gloves, reducing normal drying time by up to 50%. Quickening the drying process not only ensures your optimal comfort with every wear, but will also help prevent unpleasant odor and bacteria growth.

Charging process that's cave-man simple

To charge heated gloves, other brands require minor surgery: extract the batteries, disconnect them, connect them to a charging device, then reconnect and reinsert them into each glove. Shouldn't charging your gloves be as easy as charging your cell phone? We think so.

Simply put, it's the best

We keep our selling cost low by selling exclusively online. This enables us to incorporate technologies and materials of the highest quality that other manufacturers cannot afford without compromising their profit margins.